Stormy weather

More RL updates because I’ve not been in Second Life a lot this week. Storm Freya is being noisy and blowy outside, and our supposedly new roof windows seem to be rattling loudly which does not feel like a good thing. The cats are both safely inside and on laps.

This is my fourth day in a row of being away from Second Life (ok, mostly). This week has not been kind to Second Life Me. Work has been busy, and there’s always the juggle with school runs and ferrying to and from after school clubs, housework and so on.

Then this weekend my parents came to visit…. Which was actually lovely – they were well behaved compared to recent visits (no Brexit talk for once!) But jumping onto SL would have been pretty rude of me to do, obviously. Heh… well to be honest I did log in for nearly an hour toward the end of Saturday night (my dad was asleep on the sofa) but it was chat mode only.

I use this productivity program at work called RescueTime that records how long I spend doing different things on my computer. I am always obsessing about how much time I have or don’t have on SecondLife so I decided to install it on my laptop (that I run SL on) to see how much time I really do spend in world. So far I have had the software installed for 2 weeks.

It turns out I have spent 6h 37 mins running Firestorm this week.


Is that a lot? It felt like I was hardly in world at all… Hmmm I think I might be slightly addicted.

This is in total contrast to last week when my RL situation was totally different and I had a lot of time to myself. I spent 26 hours in Second Life over that week. That did feel like a lot but I had an amazing time. It’s nice to sometimes spend a few hours at a time because you can go and do a few things in one session, visit different friends and so on. Time flies when you are having fun!


I will keep track from now on and probably blog some boring chart that is literally only interesting to me, in a few months time 🙂

Well everyone has now gone to bed so I will log back onto SL for maybe an hour before bed and see who is around. When you have good friends in Second Life not seeing them for a few days can get you down.

Little plug…

I may as well link to it here. I made something! It’s dead simple – just a wall light that turns on or off when you click it. But I am pretty happy with it. It was my first attempt at scripting in SecondLife, which was a challenge but satisfying too. The light itself is just 3 simple prim shapes – i have no idea how to make mesh stuff yet (well I installed Blender but….. feels like a killer learning curve)

So check out my little wall light. Just 50 Lindens guys! (lol yeah maybe this would have been impressive back in in 2003 I know).

Personally I think everyone should buy one 😛



Drawn Town 2

Here I am following in the footsteps of Sheree again 🙂

I don’t have much to add to Sheree’s great post (below) about Drawn Town 2. Inspired by her post Abby and I visited the town this evening and had a good look around. It is very cool…

Only thing to add is that I took a few pics myself, and you can see them here on Flickr:

Now go read the post below…. 👇

Virtually Sheree CLOSED

If you’re anything like me, you know that finding originality is very difficult to find where a lot of what we see is a copy of something or it’s a retelling of the story so when something original comes along, it’s time to get excited

So here I am at Drawn Town 2.

I missed Drawn Town 1 which is a shame. I never heard of Drawn Town until photos appeared all over my Twitter and Flickr feeds. So here I am, talking about visiting Drawn Town 2.

Drawn Town 2 coming to life

Teleportation to Drawn 2 takes you to skybox a little above ground. There’s a hole in the floor with a sign saying “JUMP”. Jumping down or falling through is a short 50’ish metre drop where see what looks like a sheet of butcher’s paper with a cute drawing pinned to the wall.

What immediately impressed me…

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12 February random update

Real life update: Well I feel absofuckinglutelyterrible today and, yes, it’s all my own fault because I am a grown up (supposedly). I said yes to one too many things, and ended up going out twice at the weekend, one of those nights being with a friend down in Brighton who let’s just say has fewer responsibilities than me and, well we went to bed at a time I don’t usually see unless I get up early. And I did all of this knowing full well I had a long-planned date again down in London with three old school friends on the Monday night too, but thinking I would get away with this because Sunday was in between. LOL nope.

Sunday was hectic… meeting back up with my husband and boy in London and us all having a long drive home, then housework and homework and cooking dinner then later on child nightmares and ‘ok you can sleep in the big bed’ and…

So yes today I’d like to curl up and go back to sleep please.

Meanwhile in Second Life…

Dancing to DJ Florence on the Decks

Well life is good right now. It’s still sometimes a bit of a puzzle trying to fit SL around my hectic RL, but when opportunities come along for any time there I jump at the chance. It’s pretty hard to predict.

I randomly had a long weekend alone at home at the very start of February. It’s rare for me to get so much time to myself. I spent some lovely quality time in Second Life that weekend. I went partying twice at Hidden Desires, went nude fishing, taking photos, and just generally spending some quality time with Abby. I was one happy bunny 🙂

Lazy Afternoon

After that magical weekend sadly ended I had a busy week at work so didn’t have much Second Life time, and besides Abby was not on much due to her RL work situation either. And then of course all of this weekend I was away pretending to still be young (lol) and here I am now feeling sorry for myself and forgetting how much fun I was having only a week ago.

I sometimes get a bit negative and whingy when I am tired like I am today and I am sorry about that. Nobody wants a whingy Olivia.

It’s important to remember the good times and be thankful for them. This is one of the reasons I like to take photos in Second Life – so I can look back at my photo diary. Even now I am smiling again looking at my recent pics (hehe especially some of the ones I don’t intend to share publicly :P)

In your arms

(reblogged) Linden Lab confirms they are in early stages of work on an iOS companion app for Second Life

This is interesting. I used to use Lumiya on Android but now have an iPhone. The app I was recommended for iOS ‘MetaChat’ does not seem to work at all (I can’t log in!)

I am interested to see what they mean by “companion app”. Usually I want a fully immersive SL experience which means a desktop viewer. But sometimes I just want to log in to to send and received messages or to chat with my friends while I am doing things in RL, like I would with Whatsapp. For me this alone would be a great thing to have.

Daniel Voyager

It’s been confirmed this week that Linden Lab are in the early stages in working towards an iOS companion app for Second Life. The lab are focused on getting a prototype out to the Second Life community at some point in the near future. The app will not be linked to a streaming service.

Inara Pey contacted Linden Lab recently with a number of questions concerning the Bit Bucket code repository that was set up by Brad Linden. The lab responded saying the following…

As you point out, we discussed at our Town Hall events last year that we’re actively looking at ways to extend the reach of Second Life to new audiences including mobile platforms. For example, we’re in the early stages of work on an iOS companion app for Second Life.  

Right now we’re focused on getting a prototype out to our Residents, at which point we’ll…

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Home Sweet Home


I have been back in Second Life now for nearly 5 months. Before that I had an 18 month break due to RL stuff. In my old life I didn’t progress that much due to my living arrangements. I was pretty much looked after and not that independent. And as such, I had a small rented skybox home but never really learned a lot about building.

This new life so far has been 100x better! It’s wonderful being independent… and building on what I learned before I was able to get up to speed quickly. Recently I saw on Twitter that land auctions were back (to be honest it’s the first time I had heard about them at all). I was living at the time in a little parcel that a friend had sold to me very cheaply. It was fine but landlocked and also laggy. Due to it being in an adult area it was also not very scenic.

So I kept my eye on a 2560 SQM parcel with a sea view and thanks to a sneaky last minute bid I managed to get it for a very reasonable price. So reasonable I managed to sell my old parcel for nearly as much!

Since then it’s taken me a few weeks but I have done a lot of landscaping. It’s a combination of using the build tools and also buying some mesh-based landscaping kits. I am very happy with the result.. my own little enchanted tropical paradise with my own beach.

home sweet home

sunrise over the beach

Most of the outdoor elements are from Studio Skye whose products I am very impressed by. Even if you are not looking to buy I highly recommend visiting their Inworld Store. By chance I bumped into the Studio Sky creator Alex Bader while there, and he was super helpful (or you might say a very good salesman).

Anyway… I am very happy with the result of my first attempt at making my own environment and I wanted to share it. It’s a lovely place to relax and for inviting friends over. Second Life is so much more rewarding when you get creative.

Here are a couple more pics I took there:

Abby came to visit

beach fire

Footnote: Thanks to my friend Silver for recommending Skye